……Meet us

The Designer

Barjis blooming artwork are created by Lebanese owner/designer Hala Habib. To Hala, each creation is a lovechild, special and unique in its own design, style and spirit. Her Barjis home furnishing and decorative pieces showcase a flowing dialogue between color, form, fabric, beauty and functionality.

We Fix It

Besides our original wide collection, at Barjis we are passionate about restoring old pieces and building design ideas that carefully blend vintage with contemporary, giving high respect and special regard to the detailed attributes of each. Whether they are items discovered at antique souk hauls, or items brought in by a client, the resulting inspiration is graced with rejuvenated beauty, intuitive taste, and enhanced value accentuated by the quality of fabrics and meticulous finishing.

Quality Control

Barjis has earned a strong reputation among clients for the durability of its products. Each item is made from fine textiles and accessories that are carefully selected from vendors all over the world wrapped around top of the line upholstery fillings and structures. We want our gems to last Through generations.

We Customize

Our biggest ( and welcomed ) challenge is the customized orders, be it a cushion, a chair or furnishing a whole room. all we ask of our valued clients is trust and the rest is on us.  We cater for your needs, living style and taste, while never compromising Barjis’ special touch.


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