….Barjis Game

It is said that while men played Backgammon, women would gather around for a game of Barjis. Out comes the embroidered velvet fabric, along with 6 cowrie shells for count, instead of dice. Metal pawns move around the board racing to the winning spot, located in the centre and curiously named the kitchen.

Barjis is a game that goes back to the 19th century. It’s originally Farsi with Ottoman influences. It spread throughout the Levant and became a very popular pastime among women and children.
But like most customs and traditions, the game is slowly becoming a thing of the past. A tickling memory of those precious moments shared with one’s grandma.

At Barjis design we enjoy reviving the traditional game to help preserve the meaningful collective past. In keeping with our namesake, we offer our customers a collection of Barjis game sets improvised and modernised to live with  the rest of our signature artwork.


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